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 The Highland County Water Company
The Highland County Water Company serves Highland County and the surrounding areas with drinking and tap water.  The company receives its water from six wells.  These wells are located on two well fields, one near Bainbridge, the other in the Paint Creek area.  Both well fields pump water from an underground aquifer to the water treatment plant.

The sources of drinking and tap water include rivers, lakes, streams, ponds, reservoirs, springs, and wells.  When water travels over land and is absorbed into the ground, it can pick up minerals and other substances.  To ensure safe drinking water the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) prescribes regulations, which limit the amount of certain contaminants.  The presence of contaminates does not necessarily indicate that water poses a health risk.  For more information about water contaminates and safe drinking water contact the EPA's Safe Drinking Water Hotline at 1-800-426-4791.

The Highland County Water Company reports any water line problems to the public as soon as possible, and these public service announcements can be heard on local radio station Buckeye Country, 105.5 FM.  Before digging or construction work, you are required by law to call the Ohio Utility Protection Service at 1-800-362-2764 to have the utilities located for you.

Below are the Highland County Water Company rates, effective July 2014.

Meter Water Rates
Per Month
First 1,000 or Less $16.00
Next 2,800 $6.00 Per
1,000 Gal.

Minimum Water Charges

Meter Size Inches Rate Per Month Minimum In Gallons
5/8" $16.00 1,000
3/4" $26.80 2,800
1" $35.20 4,200
2" $265.00 42,500


* Minimum charge:  Each user shall pay a minimum charge for each meter based on the size of the meter installed, for which the user will be entitled to the quantity of water, set in meter schedule for rates.

Highland County Water Company Inc., Requirements for all Service Connections
Notice of Illegal Cross-Connection and Tampering with or Bypassing a Meter

Disclaimer:  Above information is not to be used in the context of the stated entity(s) authority, but rather as a guideline of information about public services.  The Dickey Group Inc. is not associated with said entity, but provides this public information as a service to the community.

Last Updated:  July 23, 2014


8990 State Route 785
Hillsboro, Ohio 45133
phone: 937.393.7222
toll-free: 866.ASK.JEFF
fax: 937.764.0500

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